Emir Kaya's lifelong enthusiasm in art and design led him to become a collector of fine art and collectibles.
The paintings and sculptures in the Kaya Collection are the works of the most prominent modern and contemporary artists and have been collected from all over the world. It also has Collectibles produced by renowned designers and reputable brands, each of them a symbol of applicable art, and digital assets from a large number of well-known and new NFT artists.
Kaya Collection is Emir Kaya's private art collection, and is growing every day.


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Behjat Sadr

Behjat Sadr's main method is to spray paint on a surface and then gather it with a palette knife, a reflection of what she has experienced as a subject in the outside world. . "I was not satisfied with my brush, I like contrasts so I quickly put the brush aside and took the palette knife," says Sadr.